With new leak, arms race advances via Twitter – 10/17/2021 – Nelson de Sá

Headlined throughout Saturday and Sunday in the British Financial Times, “China Tests New Space Capability with Hypersonic Missile” (below), a fact that supposedly “surprised” US spy agencies.

But the three biggest American newspapers avoided the news until at least Sunday night. And Washington’s Sinocism newsletter highlighted the “increasing number of leaks on China’s weapons capacity.”

An editorial in Beijing’s Global Times shot in the same direction: “The US is constantly releasing rumors that China is strengthening its nuclear tools, which is believed to pave the way in public opinion for the US to further increase its spending military”.

There has been some success, in fact, with American public opinion — in social media, at least. Despite resistance from the New York Times and others, “United States Trends” on Twitter on Sunday highlighted “Space Force.”

In the description of the platform itself, “people discuss the creation of the Space Force as a branch of the armed forces, after the Financial Times reported that China had tested a hypersonic missile.”

The NYT then made, coming into the night, a brief mention of the hypersonic missile, in the fifth paragraph of a text about the risk of a new Cold War — which part of the Biden administration, supposedly, wants to avoid.


The “October strike” in the US advanced throughout the week via social media, with Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for example, sharing the moment when picketers manage to convince a truck driver to join the strike in the machinery industry John Deere ( above).

On Sunday, among others, it was a subhead of the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, this one with the enunciation “Strikes sweep the labor market as workers wield new power”, given the lack of manpower.


Also on the FT over the weekend, also against Beijing, “Ban ban in China leaves Brazilian authorities perplexed.” The ban, which came after two cases of mad cow disease, “has already lasted more than a month.”

Anonymous Brazilian authorities, “dismayed”, complain that Chinese authorities “claim” to be verifying submitted information. And the text implies that they want to “take commercial advantage”.


Chinese finance company Caixin points out that the “impulse abroad” of Chinese automakers is paying off, with exports “more than doubling”. An example is the purchase of the Mercedes factory in Iracemopolis by the Chinese Great Wall Motor.

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