Thousands take to the streets in Rome to demand an end to the extreme right party – 10/16/2021 – World

Tens of thousands of people gathered in Rome this Saturday (16) to call on the government to take action against neo-fascist groups involved in violent protests against the adoption of the health passport.

Last week, police arrested 12 people, including leaders of the far-right Força Nova party, after thousands took to the streets against the “Passe Verde”, now mandatory for all workers.

At the time, 38 security agents were injured and some groups broke through police barriers to reach Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s office, while others stormed the headquarters of Italy’s largest union, the Italian General Confederation of Labor (CGIL).

For this reason, many of those who participated in this Saturday’s events carried CGIL flags as they marched to San Giovanni Square, a place historically associated with the Italian left.

Created in 1997, Força Nova is repeatedly accused of using violence against immigrants and police officers. Alongside the acronym CasaPound, the party is the main neo-fascist organization active in Italy.

The day after last week’s episodes of violence, the left-of-center Democratic Party party filed a motion in Parliament calling on the Draghi government to put an end to Força Nova and all fascist-inspired political movements.

Out there

In addition to the CGIL, other organizations, such as the Italian Confederation of Trade Unions and the Italian Labor Union, demanded that the government dissolve neo-fascist and neo-Nazi factions with cries of “no to fascism and violence, yes to work, security and rights “.

“We are asking for concrete actions, not just talk. It is time for the government to demonstrate its democratic strength in applying the laws and the Constitution,” said Maurizio Landini, secretary general of the CGIL, during the act. “A country that forgets its memories cannot have a future.”

Protest organizers estimate that between 50,000 and 60,000 people took part in the demonstrations. And, as is often the case, the leaders of the organizations involved claim that the figure was even higher. For Pierpaolo Bombardieri, head of CISL, the attendance was over 100,000.

Last week’s violent episodes received widespread condemnation in Italy, even from Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni, leaders of the far-right parties La Liga and the Brothers of Italy, respectively.

This Saturday, however, Salvini posted on Twitter, quoting writer Leonardo Sciascia, that “the best example of a fascist you can find today is someone who calls himself anti-fascist and who dedicates himself exclusively to calling someone who is not a fascist. fascist”.

A day before the events, this Friday (15), the mandatory vaccination against Covid-19 for workers in Italy came into effect, amid several protests against the measure.

China, Middle Land

The anti-Covid rule, passed by the Draghi government, requires all workers across the country to provide proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test done within 48 hours. Anyone who does not have the “Green Pass” will be suspended from employment, without the right to payment. If you try to circumvent the rule and work without proof, you can be fined up to 1,500 euros (BRL 9,500).

In protest, barricades were set up at the entrance to two of the most important ports in the country, in Genoa and Trieste, which registered the biggest protests, with about 6,000 demonstrators.

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