MIT Named Best Geology College In The Nation

MIT was named the Best Geology College in the nation by College Reviews.

“Where did most geology professors get their Ph.D.s? Of the teaching faculty of American universities, a study by the American Geological Institute found that an overwhelming 79 percent earned their geoscience doctoral degree from just 25 institutions. These same schools granted 48 percent of the doctorates held by all faculty at the time of the survey.”

“If you are looking to become a leader in geology MIT is the overwhelming favorite for people looking to obtain graduate degrees in geology and earth science” said Eric Thomas, Managing Editor of College Reviews.

Here they are, ranked from first to last, with their current geology and/or earth science degree programs.

1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2 University of California at Berkeley
3 University of Wisconsin at Madison
4 University of Washington
5 Columbia University
6 Stanford University
7 Penn State University
8 Harvard University
9 San Diego State University
10 University of Michigan

Read the complete ranking here.