First Portuguese series on Netflix, ‘Glória’ is a spy thriller that combines Cold War and Portuguese history – Ora Pois

First Portuguese original series on Netflix, “Glória” debuted on the streaming platform last Friday (5). The production is a spy thriller set in the Cold War, but which adds many elements of Portuguese history to the classic dispute between the Americans and the Soviets.

The plot takes place in the small town of Glória do Ribatejo in 1968, when the Estado Novo dictatorship, ruled with an iron hand by António de Oliveira Salazar, was already showing signs of decline.

The protagonist of the story is the engineer João Vidal (Miguel Nunes), the son of a high leader of the Salazar regime. After fighting in the Portuguese colonial war in Angola, the young man ends up recruited by the KGB, the secret service of the Soviet Union.

Back in Portugal, the character will work at a radio transmission center operated by US officials on Portuguese soil. It is from there that Americans broadcast Western propaganda to countries under the Soviet Iron Curtain.

Radio Retransmissão (Raret) actually existed in Portugal in the Cold War, and to this day its operations have a mysterious component for many Portuguese.

In addition to the dispute between the KGB and the CIA, the plot addresses several elements of the Portuguese reality at the time, such as the horror of the colonial war, with the compulsory enlistment of thousands of young people, and the brutality of Pide, the political police of the Salazar regime.

Directed by Tiago Guedes and scripted by Pedro Lopes, the first season has ten episodes. “Glória” is a co-production with SPi and RTP, Portugal’s public broadcaster, which will also broadcast the series in the future.

Netflix offers the option of subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese.

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