Cornell Named Best Food Science Degree Program

CollegeReviews, a leading authority in college and university rankings and resources, has published a ranking of
the Best Colleges & Universities For Food Science.
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According to College Reviews, “Food science offers a range of rewarding career opportunities for people with a variety of food science degrees and nutrition degrees. In the United States, the need of skilled and competent leaders in the field of food science remains keen to address this problem, due to the alarming rates of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, dietary disease, and widespread malnutrition.

A motivated student has a wide variety of career options, including private work, public facilities, hospitals, nursing centers, clinics, hospice care, wellness centers, corporate cafeterias, international food organizations, government agencies, education, etc.”

With the rise in obesity, and other serious health issues this particular educational program is only going to rise both in demand, and in salary. It’s a great selection.

“If you’re really looking for the best food science degree program it’s a tough pick but Cornell University checks all the boxes,” Eric Thomas, Managing Editor of College Reviews, said of the ranking. “Cornell University consistently has gotten both good student reviews as well as publisher reviews which is how we determine our rankings.”

CollegeReviews developed its list by looking at two factors: Student Reviews & Publisher Reviews. Data was collected from a variety of publicly accessible sites and databases, including U.S. News & World Report, Times Higher Education; and Niche.

The ranking for the Best Food Science Degrees finds Cornell University in the top spot. Virginia Tech is in second, and BYU rounds out the top three.