Apply for electric vehicle subsidy online with money coming directly into the account

Demand for e-vehicles has been on the rise in the last few days due to rising petrol-diesel prices and subsidies being given to electric vehicles by the central and state governments. Recently, the state government announced an e-vehicle policy to promote eco-friendly vehicles. In the last 15 days, there has been a sudden increase in inquiries for e-vehicles in Surat, which has announced a subsidy on the purchase of electric vehicles.

With the Gujarat government announcing its policy on electric vehicles, many citizens are rushing to buy electric vehicles. In addition to being relatively cheap, electric vehicles are also very cheap in terms of fuel efficiency. In addition, the demand for electric vehicles has skyrocketed due to huge discounts offered by the government.

However, regarding the subsidy, the government had announced that under the Electric Vehicle Policy-2021, the applicant would have to apply on Digital Gujarat to get the subsidy. The Transport Commissioner clarified that the subsidy would be transferred directly to the account of the applicant who applied here.

It may be mentioned here that Gujarat State Electric Vehicle Policy-2021 was recently announced by the state government. Under which Ta. Subsidy will be paid to the buyers of electric vehicles registered in the state from 01 July 2021. In order for the citizens to avail the benefit of subsidy under e-Vehicle Policy-2021, the applicant has to register on the Gujarat Government’s Digital Gujarat Platform ( and apply online. The application should be accompanied by vehicle registration number, mobile number of the vehicle owner and bank account number in their name and details of IFSC code. In addition, the first page of the canceled check / passbook has to be uploaded. He also clarified that no fee has to be paid for online application for subsidy.

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