After court decision, Biden government will resume Trump’s controversial immigration policy – 10/15/2021 – World

After a judicial defeat, the government of President Joe Biden was forced to take steps to restart, starting in November, a program created under Donald Trump’s administration that forces asylum seekers to wait in Mexico for analysis of their applications by the American courts.

In August, Federal Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk ordered the government to resume the Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP), commonly referred to as “Stay in Mexico.” The ruling came after requests from the states of Texas and Missouri, both ruled by Republicans.

The White House appealed, but the Supreme Court –today with a conservative majority– upheld the decision.

The policy was created in 2019 by then-President Trump. According to the Republican leader, several of the asylum requests were fraudulent and applicants with permission to enter the US could end up staying in the country illegally if they missed court hearings. Biden, fulfilling a campaign promise, ended politics shortly after taking office on 20 January.

The Democratic government still plans to rescind the measure, but while options for how to do this are studied, the White House is preparing to re-implement the program.

Out there

An official at the Department of Homeland Security told the Reuters news agency, on condition of anonymity, that the government had already started setting up courts near the border, some housed in tents, in which asylum hearings could be held.

The MPP’s reintegration – even if for a short time – is expected to increase tensions over the US-Mexico border, where crossings have reached their highest numbers in 20 years in recent months.

Across the border, the Mexican government did not welcome the decision and passive movement of the Biden government. On Thursday (14), in a statement sent to US authorities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico expressed concerns about the program, particularly around due process of law, access to legal assistance, and security for immigrants.

In addition, for MPP to be resumed, Mexico says it first needs to ensure that migrants have access to legal advice and that vulnerable people are not returned.

Activists also say the program exposes immigrants to violence and kidnapping in dangerous border towns where people camp for months or years awaiting asylum hearings in the US.

In March, Biden described MPP as sending people to “the edge of the Rio Grande in a muddy circumstance, without enough to eat.” Despite the speeches of concern, the American president maintains another immigration policy from his predecessor. In March 2020, as a measure to contain the advance of the coronavirus, Trump determined that immigrants caught crossing the border should be quickly expelled, without any kind of asylum screening.

So far, there are no indications that the Democrat’s government will suspend the directive.

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